ELF: I wanna cry
Donghae: Don’t cry, if you cry I’ll kiss you
Kyu Hyun: If you cry you’ll blind =))
ELF: Kyuhyun ah reply me please
Kyu Hyun: replied
ELF: What are you doing, Donghae?
Kyu Hyun: Sleeping
ELF: Oppa, I ask Donghae :(
Kyu Hyun: I said he’s…

Kyuhyun UFO replies…


ELF: Thank you for being a singer.

Kyuhyun: Thank you for being E.L.F.

ELF: Who does Donghae oppa belong to?

Kyuhyun: Donghae is mine.

ELF: Kyuhyun I love you.

Kyuhyun: Ah, the popularity of this lad (referring to himself)

ELF: Donghae oppa let’s watch a musical

Kyuhyun: Can’t I go…

ELF: The most handsome man on earth is Kyuhyun

Kyuhyun: I know.

ELF: Marry me.

Kyuhyun: When Sungmin allows.

Screw 19+. ELF have their own rules when it comes to perviness.


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